Hi, I’m Brynne.

I created the Passion for Writing Initiative to complete my Girl Scout Gold Award as I entered my senior year. It started as a 5-day lesson plan with this issue in mind:

“The education system in America discourages creativity by design. Why is it that math and science classes are required and creative classes are just electives? This creates an offset in the skill levels of students from the beginning. Those who are talented in math and science continue to excel in those subjects, when they might just need additional exposure to amount to their talents. Those who feel that they aren’t as adept with STEM subjects may feel inferior simply because being talented in the arts isn’t seen as important or valuable. Encouraging creativity and the arts in school will create more well-rounded, skilled individuals who aren’t afraid to try new things and step out of their comfort zones.”

The lesson plan continued to evolve. Rather than only being available to teachers, I settled on hosting a trial session that would test the efficacy and results of bringing an extremely laid-back, growth-based creative writing program into education. The program was a success and I received so much support from the parents of students that I decided to continue. Now, not only would I be offering camp-like sessions over Zoom, but I branched out and decided to offer group sessions and one-on-one writing support.

Distance learning is a challenge in of itself, not to mention those taking on the role of teacher during school closures and shifting to homeschooling. The years of lower education are so formative in a child’s self-discovery, and the absence of a classroom shouldn’t prevent this from happening. I want to help ease the burden by offering classes on more subjects, such as expanding to nonfiction, research, and essay writing work. Sessions can also be used to provide feedback and editing work if your child is ambitious and deciding to write a book!

My experience:

  • Wrote full-length novel Atrocious Immoralities, editing and writing procedures
  • AP Scholar with Honors Award
  • AP European History
  • AP United States History
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature
  • Girl Scout for 12 years, PA trained and received Gold Award
  • Camp counselor through City of Ventura 2015-2017

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